Biyernes, Mayo 24, 2013

Here’s How to Use Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO, the promo that suits you!

Lately, more events and astonishing celebrations were given by Globe Prepaid. And now, here’s another set of promo for all the users of Globe. Save big and share a lot with your friends through the Globe GoSAKTO deals.

The latest Globe GoSakto promo is so easy to avail. All you need to do is use Globe Prepaid sim card and activate your promo with Globe GoSAKTO. It’s easy by simply dialing *143# and click the promo and validity that you want. Want unli calls and free texts for all networks?

Here’s an example steps to avail UNLI CALLS to Globe/TM + 50 txts to all networks for only P49 valid for 3 days.

Step 1: Dial *143# 

Step 2: Choose GoSAKTO by typing number 1.

Step 3: Choose create a promo by typing 1.

Step 4. Type 4 for the  promo of Call and Text.

Step 5. Choose 1 for the Globe and TM unlimited call.

Step 6. Choose unlimited by typing 5.

Step 7. Choose the option for all network text.

8. Choose number one for the 50 text to all networks.

9. Then on step 9, type three for the validity of three days.

Step 10.  Then, the message which indicates the validity and amount of 49 pesos will appear on the screen. The option of "1.Go lang nang go! Register" will activate the chosen promo.
When the promo was activated, an sms of confirmation will received on the phone.

With this few steps you can avail such best promo with a budget friendly amount. So share it with your friends, and be closer to them. Thanks to Globe Prepaid GoSakto, you can enjoy more and share more. 

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